Product Evolution

Prestige kitchen appliances were introduced to make life easy when cooking food. Since 1949, people have been thinking of latest and ground-breaking ways to store and cook food. This initiated the base work of Prestige and since then there has been diversified amount of innovations and gradual evolution in terms of cooking products.



For over six decades TTK Prestige has stood tall as the market leaders in kitchen appliances. Our pioneering products make us the best companion for the Indian homemaker. Our product innovation journey is focussed on the five pillars of Trust, Innovation, Smartness, Health and Modernity. We have come a long way from the pressure cooker to over 600 products today. Lets look at a few milestones in this product evolution journey

1949 - Pressure Cookers

Denis Papin created the pressure cooker to help housewives soften the meat. We at TTK were inspired by his story and decided to get the innovation to India. It was when Prestige pressure cooker was introduced into the Indian Kitchen by the TTK Group, which made cooking safe for the users; the brand won the trust of the Indian people. Unique Indian cooking needs have inspired Prestige to develop the Prestige Pressure Pan.

Our constant endeavour to satisfy our customers and to help them cook better has been the main thrust at Prestige. This has helped us to retain our core value of trust with all our customers.

1994 - Non-Stick Cookware

Cooking directly affects our overall health and fitness. Another facet of kitchens that was gaining importance was good looking utensils. Recognising the need of the Indian consumers to cook healthier food with lesser oil, and also to make the cooking utensils look smarter, Prestige released the entire a range of non-stick cookware for the Indian Kitchen.


2001 - Gas Stoves & Electrical Appliances

Our users pushed us to innovate and provide them with all their needs since they now had established trust with the Prestige product family. Our customers desire propelled our R & D Department to develop Gas Stoves and the entire range of Electrical Appliances like mixers, grinders, toasters, ovens, grills and more.


2015: Pressure Cookware (Clip On)

Pressure cooking and Prestige are synonymous to Indian consumers and that's what inspires us to push our boundaries. We realised how important a part pressure cooking was in the daily cooking regime of the Indian homes and thus was born the idea of Clipon pressure cookware - with a completely new universal lid interface which can make any cookware in its series into a pressure cooker. Now you can have a common lid for a saucepan, kadai, and handi and use the same vessels for Frying, deep frying, sauteing, cooking and pressure cooking. It is India’s first modular pressure cooking system.


2016: Clean Home Solutions

‘Chasing new frontiers’ is our guiding principle at Prestige. Conquering the Indian Kitchen prompted us to widen our horizons and thus, Prestige took its plunge into the Cleaning Solutions Business. Prestige has launched cleaning solutions products under the brand “CleanHome”.


Jo Apno Se Kare Pyaar, Woh Prestige Se Kaise Kare Inkaar!


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